Вот уважаем Вас, но тьфу Вам под ноги за Ваше каменное сердце. (с)

  GENERAL theme:
01 Coil - Careful What You Wish For
благодаря этому клипу.
низкий поклон гениальному автору *А*

RED ROOM's theme:
02 Lke Radio - Watcher

LAURA's themes:
03 Portishead - Numb
I can't understand myself anymore
Cause I m still feeling lonely
Feeling so unholy

I'm fooling somebody
A faithless path to roam
Deceiving to breath this secretly
This silence, a silence I can't bear

04 Radiohead - Wolf at the Door
Don't look in the mirror
At the face you don't recognize
Help me call the doctor
Put me inside

I keep the wolf from the door
But he calls me up
Calls me on the phone
Tells me all the ways that he's gonna mess me up

05 GL▲SS †33†H - Prom Queen

BOB's theme:
06 Salem - Tair
I'm aching
So tell me what's shaking
Watch her from the bushes
I'm patient

Hell moving 'round in my face
as I'm making downtown at the town
And all that is around

I'm coming
I'll be there soon
And when I get there
Imma tear apart the room

Now, from the hills
Which is where I first began
To the south of the house
Which is where I now stand

What they're about to loose
They have no understanding

LOVE and LIES theme:
07 Beach House - Better Times
Running around 'cause you beat yourself up
And you made a crack and the one that you love is gone
How much longer can you play with fire
before you turn into a liar?

I've been around before
Thought you weren't looking anymore
But then we, we come and go, go up in smoke
I don't want to know, I don't want to know
We don't need a sign to know better times

MEMORY theme:
08 Grillgrill - ...Slowlickin...

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